[PS4-D2R] Audio in english and join game mechanics

I speak from Brazil and would like to ask you to make the audio in English available as an option in the settings. Currently there is only the dubbed audio in pt-br.

I would like you to modify the options to join other players’ games. What often happens is that I JUST want to join other games, I am often “forced” to create a public game because of the lack of available games. I wish Blizzard could offer an update where the player would be empowered to search for a game OR create a new public game. The existence of two buttons “Join” and “Create” with their respective functions would be very useful. If no game was found, the player would be prompted with the message “no game found” and he could insist on searching with different requirements without having to create a game. He could stay on the same screen prioritizing the idea of finding an available game.

It’s good to remember that I’m usually interested in (trying) to join weaker owner games to help them advance in quests, but as I build my own game and the quests have already been completed, this makes these “new” games useless to my original intent. Another constant additional issue involves having to wait a minimum amount of time to exit a game you DIDN’T want to create and having to repeat that process due to the annoying limitations of this multiplayer mechanic.

Another suggestion is to accept the idea of creating games without the parameter to limit this to a particular quest. You could create games based only on the act of interest if the player wants to get a wider audience, for example. It’s hard enough to find available games when it’s not about popular features like Ballruns; applying more specific filters just makes this process more difficult.