Ps4 achivents not?

Hello , I don’t know where to turn . I wrote in the ticket but they gave the answer that it is better to ask on the forum . so: I bought the Blizzard Arcade Collection edition on ps4 -but for some reason there are no achievements . googling I found out that there are achievements on the xbox and for some reason not on the ps4 ! Generally. give a comment on where the achievements went .I would have thrown a link to the xbox here, but I think I will be banned here !

Could even have the achievements. On XBOX they managed to implement, let’s wait for them to fix it with some update, as most collections of classic games have achievements. SEGA managed to do it with Sonic games, KONAMI did it with collections too, as well as SNK and CAPCOM…

The PC Version dont have achievements sadly :frowning: