Providing any details for the restriction is way too much for bliz?


Would it be too hard for blizzard to not treat players in a way to show them middle finger and at least provide a REASON or PERIOD of the restriction that receive out of blue sky? o.O

I have been playing w3 tft for MONTHS, from the same place, from the same laptop, using the same provider… Why am I currently restricted? Is it really so painful to give a reason to a player for profibiting him to play the game he bought? o.O



I completely agree. I read the reasons for banning on Diablo 2 but I did none of those things - at least as far as I can understand them. It would be great to know exactly WHAT I was banned for so that I won’t do it again!

Also, my first ban and it is for 2 weeks according to support - does that seem excessive for something I don’t even know what I did??

Or at least give a warning first!


Helloooooo ??? really too much for blizzard?

If tft had some online payments they would be here faster than me…


Hey Jurasik,

When a restriction is put in place there isn’t really a way for the game to tell you why or how long it will last for, not yet at least. There’s generally two types of restrictions / bans.

Ban - This can happen due to cheating, hacking, etc. In Customer Support we are not able to see what was detected or how it was detected, so we aren’t able to release any kind of info about those situations.

Temp restriction - An IP address can be temporarily restricted from connecting to if it is deemed that the IP could be involved in malicious activity (botting, cheating, hacking, etc). The most commonly affected IPs in these cases are usually VPNs, proxies, business-class connections, or any other non-residential connection. These types of connections are most commonly used by the people that do hack/cheat/exploit so just does not allow them to connect at all. If you attempt to connect while a VPN is turned on for example, you will get a temp restriction.


As I have mentioned - I play only from home - same place, same laptop for months. Never used VPN, at least not directly - I have no way to tell how my provider provides the internet to me. Anwyay, there have not been any incident for month, so why now out of the sudden?

I have not been cheating, hacking or whatever malicious activity - no need for that. I have around 6k bnet games on my acc registered, why would I start cheating now risking loosing all that history? I pity players who are too dumb to play normally and have to hack…

If the restriction guardian (or however it can be called) has been implemented to hunt and restrict people, it has to have conditions under which put the restriction in place. It is not hard to attach those conditions that were met to the message shown to the player… Also, when restriction is being put in place, there must be a parameter for the period of it, so why not add it as well to the message?

Poor message that I have been restricted for god knows what reason and not even telling me for how long is somewhat like a middle finger from blizzard to me…

Is there anything that I could do at this moment except from trying to log in day after day wondering whether the restriction, as magically as have appeared, might have been gone?


Try to log in from a different Wifi (maybe from your phone)


Looking at how the blizzard handles thing I fear that that might be some other “unknown” rule violation - like trying to bypass the restriction or whatsoever… Another unreasoned, period-unknown restriction might come by… meh. But thanks for the idea.


Hey there,

I noticed a large number of accounts connecting from your IP. Please bare in mind that if any user on the network that shares an IP address is penalized it will affect all players under the same IP address.

It also looks like the key that caused the penalty is being accessed by a huge number of IPs from around the world! This typically suggests the key was found on a website and was likely already penalized before the usage attempt. Using an invalid CD key is one of the causes for restrictions found on our restrictions page.

We have no way to verify who was sitting behind what computer at any given time. Due to this the penalty must be upheld regardless.


So… I am prohibited from playing becouse someone from my neighbourhood has used some CD key found on the internet… great logic… really.


Sounds like your CD keys were stolen so you have to buy new ones


This would be anyone on the same IP address provided by the ISP. Would be a matter of contacting them to find out how they go about distributing them to homes/neighborhoods. Typically it should be 1 per user, but some do it differently.


Sounds like your system is crap then


I just wanna contribute to this discussion with other possible reasons for an IP address being unable to connect.

Some ISP (most of them for Latin America) don’t assign an IP address per customer, they use shared IP address within a range and those IP addresses usually changes every 24-48h. So if your current IP address got banned because of some previous user, you can force an IP change by rebooting your router.

In some cases it is even worse, because they proxy many users from sub networks through a single valid IP address. That can easily explain many accounts logging in from the same external IP.

I don’t endorse piracy, cheating, or any real violation of the ToS, so I’m not trying here to make any excuses for people who did violate those rules, but I think some of the security systems in place really might affect the wrong target.

That said I would suggest everyone affected by some of those things to read this article: and contact their ISP asking for them to open those ports, this will probably let you know if your ISP is in fact causing you harm (because if they can’t open those ports you are most likely sharing IPs with other people). Dealing with your ISP is a lot easier if you know what you are looking for.

For some of the people in this topic, while I understand your frustration, I don’t think using bad words or being rude to people who are just doing their jobs will solve anything. This is not what a gaming community is about.


So punishing a potentially large groups of users for the guilts of one person is the new justice here? So sad…

We have ISP that is so dull, dumb, etc (quite a standard in my country) that after providing them details that even a monkey would understand of what I would like to know, they will take ages to reply.

Even if I find out how they deliver IP to the end users I have no means to change it…

So, to sum up, without changing the ISP I have no other means to play one of my fav games due to some random for me mo-ron, who I will never be able to even track, has done something against the rules. That logic is really awesome.

Oh wait, even switching the ISP might not solve the case as some other random id-iot in the neighbourhood might do something similar.


its the blizzard way


Not having a low latency connection triggers Bnet that leads to restrictions as well.


Blizzard isn’t responsible for the conditions or state of your internet. They have specific requirements that we have to follow. Meeting those requirement responsibilities falls on us, the users.

I do understand your frustration though, if I was in your position I’d be pissed. :rage: But I’d also realize that something has to change in my end.

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