Protect Privacy on Desktop App

There is a relatively large security/privacy flaw with your desktop app, specifically when you send a friend request, it shows your real name, even if you have Real ID Disabled in your account settings.

Some of us may wish to use the application in public places (Internet Cafe, Gaming Event, Live Streaming, etc), and having an application paste/show my real name on it is slightly frightening, especially since I have to provide legal documentation to change it, disallowing company/public names and personas - you have to provide a password to show passwords, a few clicks of a button someone can get my full legal name if I were to step away from my PC.

I would, personally, rather show my password than my real name in any application, yet the password is asterisked out (*****) but my real, legal name is not? Since when is this acceptable?

There needs to be an option to completely remove this “feature” as I cannot even show people how to send me a friend request using the battlenet app while streaming, or send them a request on screen without flashing my real name.

Privacy please?

Privacy has been thrown out by all corporations and everyone over 40 has no understanding and everyone under 40 doesn’t care.
You have no privacy anymore, accept your corporate overseers.