Projectile Bug - Please Address

Hi, I posted this elsewhere hoping it would get patched so I’d like to do that here too (though I almost expect it to somehow be more overlooked here. An explanation on how it works would be appreciated because it seems to be a non-network related bug.

Made vids for it but this forum will not allow me to post it. The easiest way I can direct you to the vids is by telling you to search google for “Projectile Bug 0blique” (note that the 0 is a zero) and clicking the Diablo II related link. Inconvenient but if you can’t figure out how to do it, this is another option.

Anyone know what exactly causes it? I’m referring to the one that occurs when you are on the exact coordinate of another object (waypoint, portal, item, etc.) and cast a spell on the object’s name during mouseover/holding the show items key. You can’t hold it down, just individual presses. I recently found out that at least one (maybe some or all) CtC spells from items, namely chain lightning, cause this bug every time it casts.

It has different effects on different spells, but in general they all produce a projectile graphic (and damage graphic in many cases) that do no damage in a down-leftward direction and a real invisible projectile straight downward. It doesn’t work with every single projectile (for reasons unbeknownst to me), including Blessed Hammer and Poison Nova, but most of them do. Some have unique results, like teeth causing all the projectiles to stack into one tooth and firewall doubling up in one single direction. This functions the same way in single player, too, so it isn’t some kind of network glitch.

Will someone please share info on what exactly is going on with this bug? Is it something that cannot be patched easily for some reason? It’s unfortunate that the CtC chain lightning affix is bugged from this, I want to utilize it against stunned opponents with skills like Dragon Claw and Dragon Talon! It’ll only hit them now if they run straight downward, and even then there will be no lightning effect to show it has landed (other than from the fake cast that does appear).

TPPK Prevention…

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I’m not sure what you mean by that, how does this bug relate to that?