Profession Skill Tier endpoint has data typos

When using the profession skill tier endpoint, the category names for ‘Weapon Enchants’ are returned incorrectly. Instead of returning as ‘Weapon Enchantments’ as they appear to on the api documentation (and as all other categories do), they return as ‘Weapon Echantments’.

I have only noticed this on the Shadowlands Weapon Enchantments.

Profession Skill Tier
GET /data/wow/profession/{professionId}/skill-tier/{skillTierId}

In addition. Enchantment profession skills do not include the produced item_id for their sellable enchants.

I could not reproduce this issue. The “Weapon Enchantments” category is spelled correctly here:

So I tested this a couple times and I think I just found a transitory issue with the data. Currently it reports correctly, but I had a cache of the data from a few weeks ago that had the issue. I’m going to invalidate the cache and see what happens.