Problems with Battletag change

Hi there, I hope this fits here.

I have a problem with changing my battletag. I wanted to change it from my previous name, Ikari, to a new one, in this case Patchouli. After I purchased the change, the automated system told me that “Patchouli” violates Blizzard’s terms of service and I’d have to choose something else. First I contacted the German support, which told me that they can’t see any problem with the tag, but if the system says no then it can’t be helped. This was of course a little frustrating, having to settle on “Pachouli” instead, but I still wanted to at least know why this was the case.
Therefore I contacted the American customer support, who also couldn’t explain the issue but told me to go to the forums, which is why I’m here now. I’d like to ask what the issue is with the name Patchouli, and, if none is found, I want to ask if it’d be possible to maybe take it out of the account naming blacklist so it is a valid option again. I tried out “Patch0uli” and “Patchoul1”, which both didn’t work, but seeing that “Pachouli” did, my guess is that the “Patch” is the problem, yet I can’t imagine why. If it’s a problematic word in a language, why are Patch Notes (and Patches in general) so prominently featured? Additionally, as one can see on websites like Overbuff, there already are many accounts named Patchouli.

Best regards,