Problems attaining downloader/soft banned for vpn login

Hi there

Super unsatisfied with my recent support ticket that was lodged. Starting with attaining the downloader for D2 and LOD; me and my friends (in Australia) had mountains of trouble attempting to get the downloader from blizzard. It would begin downloading, then fail. Re attempts would go slightly further and then fail “cannot connect” etc. Tried in multiple browsers, tried downloading it to a different location, on mobile internet instead of local etc. The fix was to use a vpn and put myself in Singapore.

Finally get the games downloaded, super stoked to play d2 (friends had no trouble getting online). Encountered a really common issue (according to forums) “DIABLO 2 YOU HAVE BEEN DISCONNECTED FROM BATTLE.NET”…

I tried connecting to US West enough times it will go to “Checking versions” and then pop up with an error “ is not responding. Please try again in a few minutes”. D2 LOD is a legacy game, and the error is likely generic. In order to get around this, I did some digging and tried a heap of fixes involving compatability settings, port forwarding, running as admin and more. I made sure I was on the latest patch (I was: 1.14D).

I read online that some IP’s can be banned for 2 weeks for being associated with a business/VPN/proxy. I submitted a ticket to where the blizzard support agent simply told me I had used a vpn on my first login (after having to get the down-loader) and will have to wait two weeks. They were completely unsympathetic to the situation.
There was no warning on the blizzard site (near the downloader for D2) to warn about being banned for using a vpn, nor was there any consolation for the automatic ban - just… “too bad”.

I’m really frustrated, because a company that I’ve supported for so long offered me nothing in return, nor were willing to help when something had gone wrong.


It’s definitely one of the most moronic business practices I’ve ever witnessed. They’ve been sticking it to Diablo II paying customers on a daily basis since at least the announcement of Diablo Immortal. They have been doing it longer than that but the insane thing is they knew after the D:I and D4 announcements people would be wanting to reexperience D2 and in turn would be buying the game. They have known this kind of buying happens since they first announced Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2, which caused a major sales increase in the previous games.

If you want get a perspective of just how many people they have stuck it to, type ‘vpn’ in this forums search feature and in the tech support forum. The insane numbers are not even half of the numbers that were in the old forums.

And it’s like you said, all they need to do is make a warning window somewhere between the purchase and hitting enter to join bnet.


@Blizzard, I hope you read this and take heed, this needs to happen ASAP.

yeah this happened to me too. now tonight it expired and i logged on to discover all my mules have been deleted since i couldnt log in and they werent permed. ruined the whole ladder for me. no desire to play now after being excited for my ban lift which shouldnt have happened in the first place. its 2020, blizzard. people use vpns. wake up.

using vpns has always been a problem i believe its to stop botting lol it obviosly dosnt work and only punishes legit players i thought it was common knowledge that vpns will; get you banned

Man that really sucks. I’ve been using my phone data to log in every 2-3 days to make sure my mules don’t get deleted. But basically it’s been two weeks and I’m still unable to play the game on my home internet.

All this happened cuz I used VPN.

Seriously the amount of hate I have developed for Blizzard over the last 2 weeks is tremendous. And you know what’s funny? They don’t even read these classic forums. They are busy making a mobile game which none of care/asked for, and a copy of diablo 3 with a new name.

im trying forums for the first time now and here we go.
for some reason i get Checking versions when im about to loggin to and it says basicly " try again in a few minutes". some say temp ban, i say for what?! ive never done anything shady. so i was thinking of buying another copie for another CD-key. but am i going to have the same issue once its installed and i hit the botton? would like some proper help with this issue

read up on what you can cause a temp ban you wont believe it like scrolling your mouse or to many trips to the merchants the list of ridiculous reasons rolls on all to stop bots which as you can see by the lack of bots works so well restricting non botters,ive never seen anyone flog a dead horse for so long

Davok your mules shouldnt have been deleted its more likely buzzards incompetent maintenance ive just had my first char (druid)all crafts and hybrids gone and irreplaceable 80+hrs same with jewels and charms all my perfs
no reason to stick with blizzard anymore just start again in POD the servers are awsome