Problem frozen heart gem?

I received the three star frozen heart gem yesterday but I don’t read the stats and sometimes the name is written B @@@@ WWW. Is there a bug to fix? What should I do? Thank you

(can’t paste link screenshot)

And what‘s worse: Apparently, this gem chills your own teammates when it proccs. I can‘t wear this gem in a group, because I get constant complaints from them beeing slowed.

Please, fix this asap. I can‘t wear this gem in its current state.

i had problem with this gem too…it bugged my equipement. I cant remove the gem and i cant use equipement on which is carved

same problem, can’t use it

i found a temporary solution.

go to the merchant and take a identical item to the one where you put the gem, then equip it without transferring, then put the old item back with the correct gem and leave the frozen heart with the yellow item in inventory,

Saving the armor and skill sets also allows you to move the whole thing with the bug gem

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