Problem concerning bnet friend list / Offline-Online

So I am not sure if anyone can help me with this issue, but my problem is pretty strange. I am having an issue with my bnet client. This issue has been occurring for at least a week now. Once I start playing World of Warcraft I have 0 problems everything is fine and throughout this entire process, I never encounter problems in WoW. But after some time when I am logged in, I have this bizarre problem where on my bnet launcher I appear as if I am “Offline”. Not “Appear Offline” and it randomly comes back saying “Online”.

I also have another issue that might be connected to this “bug” where my friend sees me in their friend list as if I was playing a different game (link of a screenshot below). When my friend tries to invite me to a group the invite button is grey-out and when they mouse over the invite button they got this message “this friend is playing a different version of World of Warcraft”. But the issue is that I am playing retail just like they are. I try to fix this problem by doing multiple things. I start by following every step in the procedure called “Disconnected from Blizzard Services”. Restarting network device, renew my IP address, flush the DNS, updating my operating system, update my network adapter driver, and I even uninstall the bnet client and reinstall it. I also run a scan & repair on World of Warcraft to make sure none of my files are corrupted. I create a new administrator account on my PC to run the windows system file checker to check if I had any windows errors. I also realize that this problem starts occurring approximately when I first download virtualization software for school purposes. I never install bnet apps on it or World of Warcraft and strictly use it for school. I am not sure why I am having this problem but if someone out there can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

This is a screenshot one of my friends sent me [imgur dot com/a/Wc4JSn3], and no it’s not only 1 friend that sees me like this everyone in my friend list see me like this when the “bug” occurred

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and sorry about my English grammar. English is not my 1st language

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I’ve got the exact same issue. In addition, friends tell me that i keep coming online and going offline in random intervals during the day, even though my computer is not even turned on. I also logged out of all mobile devices.