Price review for Paraguay

Hi there,

I want to talk about the cost difference for latin america regions for current cost of services, as you know there are several currencies in LatinAmerica, each country has a different one, I want to specifically talk about Paraguay, our currency is PYG (guaranies - ₲), to the date of the creaton of this post, a single US dollar equals 7,039₲.

In Paraguay the base salary by law is mandated at 2.192.839₲ around 300$, for 149 weekly hours of work (6days, 8 hours each one), now in US the base salary is 7.25$ but the work hour requirement are diferent so according to some pages the average salary monthly a is arond 3,300$ monthly that means that the prices for the services of the shop makes really good sense for US players but for a paraguayan players are actually very expensive.

A 30day Gametime purchase is for a average player in the US only 0.45% of their salary but for paraguayan players is around 4.81% of their monthly income and this gets worst when you think about purchasing other services or purchasing expansion just a expansion in the base cost is over 12.83% of their salary but for US player is just 1.21%.

Just to get some perspective, if you want to buy a coke can in the US its 1.19$ but here in Paraguay the price is lowered due our lack of resources to 0.71$, the same with a BigMac Meal in Paraguay a meal its just 3.77$ but for US is 5.99$ if such big companies can ajustments their pricing to accomodate their customer I think Blizzard can do it also and review the prices for the paraguayan people. I wish blizzard makes some price ajustment for paraguay, maybe for each country but i understand this might be a little task intensive.

Why I am making this post?

First of all to pay less, with a Paraguayan salary well above the average its still is very expensive to keep playing WoW, well more than the ratio for a US player and the COVID pandemic is throwing the dollar cost throw the roof make it more and more expensive.

Second, I love this game since Classic and I have a lot of attachment to my account and the stuff inside, I know it might not be impresive but the feels for the account is what keeps me playing, some other friends already saw some price reduction in other regions and create a clean account to start over leaving all their titles, mounts, pets, apparences behind just to be able to play the game. Blizzard has made a lot of progress to be able to keep you stuff no matter the character you are using but this is a problem game developers cannot solve, need to be solved from the pricing configuration.