Price difference in my country?

It would be real nice to get someone from the staff to reply to this. So recently blizz started acknowledging the currency of my country - which is great. The bad part comes with pricing. I was thinking of getting Diablo IV, but the price is really crazy and i know that some countries get different pricing. For example the basic game currently sits at 190GEL, which is more than 1/10th of an average monthly salary here (1200 GEL/mo). So i was wondering how is it possible to get them to know about this and ask for pricing fixes.

The base price for the game in the UK is £59.99
Converting from Sterling to GEL…
…comes out to 186.94 GEL.

The base price for the game in the USA is $69.99
Converting from USD to GEL…
…comes out to 181.60 GEL.

Sounds like the game’s a fairly similar price wherever you are.