Pre-patch: Totally disappointed!


I’ve just relogged tonight after the shadowland pre-patch rollout, and I’m terribly deceived about the damages done to my characters… after years of games subscriptions (wow, starcraft, diablo and so on…) I just feel totally disgussed by the way you are treating your players customers.
I was expecting more respect for us. My last char was a balanced druid and I was having so much fun with it… tonight everything is reset, the 2-3 remaining powers I have for each form are so ridiculous that I don’t have any pleasure to play anymore…
This pre-patch is a shame. If you are not arbitrary suppressing my post - that I doubt - I would be very curious to get the other players point on view…

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Hello there Anokiller. This forum is for the older Blizzard games like Diablo 2.

If you wish to comment on World of Warcraft please visit the World of Warcraft forums where those Devs collect feedback.

Specifically the Druid forum

You may also want to read the many articles on Wowhead, IcyVeins, and the main Blizzard website about changes during this Pre-Patch. The Pre-Expansion patches are always a bit traumatic as they introduce a massive amount of system changes that impact nearly everything in game.

There are different teams within Blizzard so it is important to make sure your feedback goes in the right place.

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Thxs for the reply and the insight, Will do a copy paste to the concerned team.