Pre-Paid Phone Policy

So we are simply leaving anyone who uses prepaid phone numbers now? People with prepaid phone numbers should just never be allowed to play? This is the worst policy I’ve ever seen. Load of horse crap, Blizzard.


These are the same people that think a security system where you can change EVERYTHING on your account is ok, except the phone number. You have to remove the old one FIRST before you get a new one. Because you know, when you’re changing your phone number you think “Gosh did I take care of my Blizz account??” No, because no sane people would set up a system that has no self help resource to change a phone number, if you lost access to that number.

I am furiously angry at Blizz right now.


I’m literally going to tear my hair out if I have to change my phone plan for this. I’ve been playing Overwatch almost every day for 4 years and the idea of having to stop now because blizzard doesn’t like my phone number is MADDENING


Yeah, I had to give up on playing Overwatch 2 just because of the phone number requirement. I use Cricket Wireless, so it is considered prepaid and won’t let me use it. Even support can’t do anything. Lol I took a vacation from work to play too and now I am just out of a game. I was looking forward to all my stuff from Overwatch 1 coming over too. I am not buying a new phone plan to play this game. I got plenty of other games to play in my backlog.


My number was originally a Sprint number. I ported it to Google Voice a year ago so I could access it on multiple devices over Wi-Fi connections. is telling me the number I’ve had for 20 years is not a real number…


This is a terrible policy and I’m boycotting the game on principle


Agreed. I shouldn’t have to change my carrier. What on earth were they thinking?


Any feedback from Blizzard? Will be possible to use a pre paid phone number in some point?

Nothing new. Since they rolled out SMS Protect many years ago it has always required that the number NOT be VOIP or Pre-paid. It goes by how they number was flagged by the Govt when created.

That requirement has been there since the start and they have not indicated they have any intention of changing it. They don’t want VOIP and “burner phones” used to link an account as “unique”.

Their goal is to prevent people from having multiple Bnet accounts with OW2 on it so it is harder to avoid a ban or to use multiple accounts to smurf.