Potential solution to D2 botting

Would it be unreasonable to add some sort of captcha for D2 game creation. Maybe require the answer to a basic math problem like “What’s 13+26?” or something simple that bots would be unable to do.

People would just find a work around. it would be better if the servers just get shut down Indefinitely. It Would save blizzard $ bc ppl won’t be stealing it by selling blizzards items on the Black market websites Like d2jsp The cancer of diablo 2 and other such sights

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Possibly, but at least it’s an attempt to fix the problem instead of postponing it with a ban wave.

There exists many ways to bypass captcha.

hasn’t this been discussed for 20 years? LOL

d3 is also full of bots, and guess what

d2 bots are far far far superior to d3 bots. you can run a bot party, automule, rush, ip hunt, ubers, crafting, re-rolling, level from 1 to 99, basically anything that a human can do, d2 bots can do better.

d3 bots are much simpler and even they don’t get banned. think about it, d2 bots have evolved during the past 15 years. it’s no longer a simple pindllebot or shopbot.

they willl not get rid of bots, EVER. willl be the same thing for d4 once it releases. where there is profit, there shall be bots.

This is like saying that you don’t like getting a hair cut, so you should just cut off your head because that would stop your hair from growing…

Real life hydras must have a heap of challenges when they get their haircuts. For every one blade of hair that is cut, two grow in its place.

If i had a free wish and my options were wiping all bots from Diablo 2 or erasing jsp forever, i would pick the option that would force people’s trading activity back to the game so you will no longer see 20 games like Diabaal738/Chaos4u 69/Baalstation-89 on game window in a row.