Potential Class Action Lawsuit?

So I bought my wife MW2 Vault edition so she could play with me. Low and behold the same phone issue people are having with OW2 has been applied to this game as well. I’m really hoping everyone bans together and sues. Has anyone heard anything in regards to this? We’d be more than happy to add our names to the suit.

For right now I’ve had her request a refund for hers. She was really looking forward to playing with me for weeks.


Im having the same issue. I had Pre ordered vault edition as well. Blizzard won’t accept my phone number because it is a pre-paid plan. I put in a ticket to have a refund, but they marked my ticket as “resolved” and nothing was done. If they can’t resolve this phone number issue, they could refund us at the very least, and if they can’t even bring themselves to do that, then we will have to take action. They can’t just run off with our money like this…