Post-paid phone issues

Due the lack any actual help from support and their continued lazy a$$ generic reply’s which mainly blames the users even though it is blizzard’s fault… I’m not using a god damn pre-paid phone which they keep saying I am, and I cannot play the game I have purchased to play with my buddy’s… I have decided to refund the game and renounce blizzard for their lack of actually doing anything and will not be using them anymore and doubt I will in the future and will discourage my friends from using blizzard from here on out

Blizzard’s system was set up to accept only numbers flagged as contract phones. It did not accept pre-paid or VOIP.

They have changed the policy as of yesterday though and within the next 24 hours it should be done rolling out.

This should apply to anyone trying to add a phone number to a Battlenet Account. Of course, the number still needs to match your Country of residence and not be VOIP. While the announcement was under OW, it is about the SMS system as a whole.

You are still free to get a refund of course, if eligible and not play until/unless that change goes through and you can successfully add a phone number.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff.