Post Hell1 progress causes players to quit the game

I know the intention is to drop player into a hole where they are far too strong to get decent drops in Hell1 and it’s too easy nad not that fun but they are also far too weak to do Hell2 so in oder to quickly get the crucial scoria to upgrade CR for Hell 2 they spend a bunch of money but obviously it’s really not that easy.

Most people will simply stop playing or reduce their playtime to a minimum until they gathered the required scoria without paying money because it feels so very scammy that you either participate in a dumb raid religiously every time you can get rewards or otherwise reach a point where you cannot progress no matter what.

It is very poor game design to offer so much variation in content yet require players to do one specific part of it without mentioning it.

The game properly tells you about all other important content but Helliquary is treated no more importantly than say bounties.

TBH it shouldn’t need a player like me telling you that pissing players off is always a bad idea, so even if some players do buy scoria when they quickly need to boost CR by 300 or more most players won’t because it is simply infuriating and in fact this is likely to prevent a lot of people from spending any money.

A FAR better approach is to imply use the same approach as with mother other things in the game and considering Blizzard is not new to online rpgs and all, the approach of making things available for free if you grind them out but letting people speed u the process a lot by spending money works like a charm so I really don’t get why anyone thought it a good idea to drop a hard pay to win paywall in front of players that causes many to quit or at least not only not buy the related item but quit spending money on the game entirely when it is that much more profitable to make the progress reasonable for 2p player so even if it takes a while at least it’s not 5 minutes of easy content twice a week being more important than 20+ hours playing the rest of the game each week.

Your entire assumption is wrong. You don’t need to do any one thing to advance. Just keep farming and you’ll get your upgrades. They want you to keep playing all the things, but only is small chunks.