Positive Community Drive

First, I’d like to start off with I am actually enjoying this Xpac. The fact I haven’t stopped playing and it has been over a week means you actually added some stuff that entertains me.

With that being said, I freaking loved farming Palace of the Dead in FF14. Torghast, reskinned PotD. Love it.

However, there are a couple other things I would love to see this company implement into WoW, that I think would help actually build the community together, and may reduce some of the toxicity out there. Like in FF at the end of a dungeon you could leave a like to people you were impressed by in the dungeon, and you could use those points to buy things.

Sense of community gives a social game longevity and much more entertainment value. Sadly, WoW, has never really had this. Its more selfish and spam kick to find someone better. This is a reflection on the company itself, IMO. Blizzard sets the tone, you all have been making content for well over a decade. I don’t think it would be that much brain power needed to add some features that really drive the community in a positive direction. Plus, EVERYONE loves feedback.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind a star system, 1-10 on my tanking. Would let me know where I need to improve, and also would entice those who don’t really care, to try harder. And ultimately get rid of the kick 1st ask questions later mentality.

( Keep ripping ideas from SE, I’m ok with that to :wink: )

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