Poor drop rate with 90% magic find

I have an issue with my drop rate.
I have 90% magic find in my character and since the silent ministry update i was facing really bad drop rate.
My friends who have 5-15% magic find is getting much much more items than me which is really unfair, i have paid more than 5k $ in the game to be special and get better items , but since that update my drop rate went so bad.
I have done made king breach 157 times and got 7 green items only, which is around 4-5% drop rate in a good day. This is not what i paid for, so please do something about it or I request a refund.( you can take the hall account I lost my joy for this game already)


I feel u. Have same impression that the DEV team gave us crafting of sets but nerved the drop rates even further than they been before.

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honestly, if you lost your job for this “game” you should consider quitting and trying to get your money back via payments providers for the many many reasons this game/developers give you.
the way i understand it, the magic find doesnt guarantee more legendary drops, they can be either magic, rare or legendary, you will have, atleast on the long run, more magic, rare and legendary drops, on the short run it always can look like someone else is getting more.

I see the same thing on my server, the drop rates are in the toilet.

We just need clarity, or guaranteed drops every xxx kills, or every x dungeon runs … that would change the whole game for a lot of people that are on the verge of leaving over drop rates.

They guarantee a legendary gem every 50 crest runs, why not guarantee a legendary and set item every so often?

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@Flynn when they announce a guarantee after 50 runs one green I quit directly!


It must be every 3-5 runs one green!
95% of these drops are trash anyway!
I really do not understand this drop rate nonsense @Blizzard! U already run the wheel of fortune every time the item is discovered and has bad stats! Why still make it so hard to even have a chance to roll on stats.

You guys literally feared your, reputation, community and Fanbase and loose constantly more and more players.

BTW it is high gambling when u charge money for crests but not give a virtual item guaranteed out for it. Some countries band this game already due to that fact. Do something NOW

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Same with me! Totally feel you. I dungeons partied with a friend whose drop rate is 10% lesser than mine (20% drop rate) - he kept getting set item like almost every 3 runs, while i only 1 set item every 10 runs or more. Seriously WTF!?!?! Oh btw, i am paragon 280 yet still using set belt that i got at paragon 150. Really? BLIZZARD?

At this kind of drop rate - how am i supposed to get wisps from salvaging set items?

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Same issue here. I will quit the game very soon if drop rate is not correct(ed)
It’s a shame to begin to play every morning when I know I will have no loot or very very poor quality : paragon 356 et I find items lowest level H5 !!!

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I can’t even get to H5 because I keep getting garbage drops. I’m paragon 330 and stuck in H4. Blizzard has forced me to lose interest in playing.

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It’s great that after server merge the magic drop rate became somewhat higher, but all the drops are useless. I’m at paragon 377 and all the magic drops based on the attributes and stats are low h4 or rather high h3 level. My achieved challenge rift level is much higher compared to the suggested based on my combat rating. It’s also great that we can salv magic items, but the issue is the same. Salved more than 10 items, and none of them gave better stats or cr increase compared my used ones. Currenty I’ve got magic items with level 250 and the last 120 paragon levels I didn’t get or salved better ones. This is the worst joke ever… Check the math and solve the problem with the balance ASAP. If this method will continue no one will play and pay…

I’m doing mass dungeon runs every day, the least is 70 runs a day, but mostly I ran more than that every day. Imagine I maxed out my bp weekly pts in 1 day, sometimes takes me 2 days by just running dungeons.

It wasn’t a problem with my drop rate before, until I decided to save up my wisps to 60 of them to craft at once. Unfortunately, 14 crafted items are trashed. I understand it’s random, so I didn’t complain about it. But since then, I got absolutely 0 set items to drop., 1 or 2 blues or the luckiest is 1 yellow, and the rest are a few piles of gold and a couple of white, surprisingly sometimes it the boss drops me nothing at all and I keep standing there to wait for the drops from the boss. It has been 6 days now and maybe a thousand runs or more so far with no greens drop for me, a few lego here and there but very rare, 0 SET ITEM AT ALL. Blizzard, fix your thing man, so frustrating to play and yes, I will call for refunds because of your unfair broken system.

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in the beginning the game was much more balanced, it was easier to drop legendary items or find green items in dungeons! It’s become impossible to raise your combat rating, it’s becoming a frustrating game and you’re making us stop wanting to play. We spent time and money. Dear blizzard, could you make the game more balanced? I’ve been doing dungeons for two weeks and I still haven’t been able to drop anything? how is it possible? in my server the average age of the players is 50 years old, i’m not saying it just to say i know players ranging from 50 up to a player of 78 years old, all this because younger kids can’t afford to play such a game which is weird because it’s supposed to be a game for all ages! Do something and a desperate cry from the community.


Same issue here… MF is a joke. 90% of 0 = 0.
I have friends with MF = 20 who find extraordinary items ! Me ? nothing at most
I’m fed up of this game, a bug factory, a financial hole for players with no rewards up to euros/dollars spent !!!


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