Plugy Single Player

I wasn’t too hot on the idea of installing a mod to play single player, but I did and it was worth it.

The infinite shared stash space, ladder runewords and random dclone spawns make the game feel good.

Don’t have to throw away so much loot now and stocking up crafting materials is way less daunting.


Isn’t it kinda sad that currently the best way (or only way) to actually enjoy the game without queues, hackers, botters and constant lag is just to refuse to the online mode and look for single player mods?

I play single player without mods. There is a very large community that does as well. Not everyone needs mods and hacks to have fun.

For me, something like Plugy would be more my thing even if the online worked flawlessly. Reasons being, I live in south america, far away from all the gateways, so lag is pretty intense, I don’t PvP or coop at all, I don’t trade at all (in this game), and I like some of the singleplayer advantages like /players command and saving your map layouts.

I came from newer ARPGs and always had trouble getting into D2 due to some of it’s inconveniences. Mods like plugy are basically what allowed me to actually enjoy D2, and I occasionally jump into my holy grail sorc in a neverending quest to collect all the uniques (except for the absurdly rare ones like Tyrael’s) and neatly organize them on stash tabs. Kinda feels like the same enjoyment I get from collecting all the 600+ cars in Gran Turismo 2.

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How do you get plugy working on 1.14d?

Install from here:

Then download this for automatic Holy Grail challenge tracking :smile: