Pls follow WoW classes and or HotS heroes

What i meant is: Priestess of the Moon - She is a healer in HotS as Tyrande. And in Wow her class is priest. Why in Warcraft 3 is Aglity. Should be Intelligence. Priest is intellect. And female priest is priestess. Fine. If some of you people want the old ranger in the 1’st place, dont remove her from Warcraft 3.

Keeper of the Grove - he is a druid hero. Why he is only intelligence. Should be Intelligence or Aglity. Druid is both intellect and aglity. If some of you want the old Archdruid hero that is Aglity, dont remove him in the 1’st place.

Warden - she is both a warlock and warrior hero. Noted the War for Warden, Warlock and Warrior. Warlock is intellect. Warrior is Strength. She should be Intelligence or Strength not Aglity. She dont fight like a rogue. I meant is she dont dual-wield Moonglaves

Paladin - he is a paladin hero. In HotS he can heal as Uther same as WoW class. He should be both Intelligence and Strength not only Strength.

Dread Lord - he is both a warlock or a rogue hero. He should be Intelligence or Aglity not Strength.

Shadow Hunter - he is both a shadow priest and a hunter hero. He should be Intelligence and Aglity not only Aglity.

Far Seer - he is a shaman hero. Shaman can heal as Reh’gar, melee DpS as Thrall in HoTs and Ranged Magic Dps like in WoW 's vers. Same as Wow’s shaman specs. Should be Intelligence and Aglity not only Intelligence.

Beastmaster - he is a Beast Mastery hunter. Noted the word: Beast Master without the Y.
He should be Aglity not Strength. And Beast Mastery hunter is aglity.

Pandaren Brewmaster - he is a Brewmaster Monk. Brewmaster monk is aglity. He should be Aglity not Strength.

Blademaster- he is an Arms Warrior. And Warrior is strength. Inaddition, there is a Warrior trainer with the title Blademaster in Orgrimmar. He should be Strength not Aglity. He dont fight like a rogue.

Naga Sea Witch - i want to have the intelligence vers that without the bow. The one that we fight during the Trolls’ starting zone. The one like Lady Vashj should be Aglity.

Pls changed or i will never play Warcraft 3 again. It make me angry that is not the same heroes in HotS