Please Reset Diablo II Ladder for Quarantine

Since we all have this huge abundance of time on our hands. I propose that Blizzard resets the ladder so that we can all enjoy Diablo II LADDER like when we were kids and had too much time on our hands. As it sits the d2 ladder economy is super inflated and just no fun . PleAse Blizzard. Reset the ladder!

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Two more months!. And believe me, Blizzard is not going to reset the ladder early so you can sell items for out of game currency that violates the EULA. It’s like asking the owner of a theme park to look the other way while you vandalize their establishment.


Actually no. I’m a legit player through and through buddy . Since d2 is getting flooded with returning players. It’s almost impossible for them to get geared .

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Oh, tell me, how is the economy flat? And the game is designed so you kill monsters to get gear. Are the monsters quarantined, too?

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People are practically giving free gear away now… Now it’s probably been hand picked as “junk” to them… I’ve done it myself on occasion so I didn’t have to sell it to Charsi or waste time to mule them… :stuck_out_tongue:

I browse d2jsp still sometimes even tho I only play single player now just to compare how this reset progressed compared to others… and lol…

I’ve seen high runes (jah and ber mind you) going for less than what people use to pay for a socket quest… it’s insane

That would be interesting, but D2’s servers are kind of lacking right now. These queue lines go up to 1500 at peak times, very annoying. If they reset the ladder right now it would make the lines go up a bit I think. They should fix the servers first before they go resetting the ladder

I’ve been doing so research on queue lines. The only people who have them figured out are botters. One of the hacks they use triggers it. The hack doesn’t need to be used with a bot. Knowing what I know about restrictions this hack triggering it makes complete sense.

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I used the term inflated. Not flat, I’m suggesting they reset ladder so that while we have all this free time we can enjoy competing on the ladder. Right now the ladder is just flooded with bitters…

You sir are an idiot .

d2severs lacking because we’re being hosted by activision and we’re being treated like a bunch of call of duty kids with spawn in times.

Having a good connection to classic bnet is about havIng a low latency isp, period. The cause of the queue line up that I mentioned can be confirm with an extensive internet search for conversations between hackers.

I have had the queue once so I know it is not 100% about hacks, latency plays a big role, too. If you have a crappy latency, like, say, Australia and China you’re going to get queues.

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Like every reset, onAir is ready to cube dupe runes even if nobody think its still possible