Please instance world farming on merged servers

Can you please Instance World Farming, especially on the merged servers … its way too busy and we just wanna play when we have a free time and not spend it fighting with other people.

This an MMORPG. The idea of instancing the zones so that people can play alone is asinine.


An MMORPG with the number of active players from the 4 server merges needs a much larger instance in that case. The size was fine originally but combine 4 servers and its damn near impossible to farm gear.

I get what you are saying, but this isn’t you’re typical MMORPG as we cant really interact with other players other than group with them so it doesn’t really matter.

Either instances or other ways to farm legendries, the drop rates have been nerfed big time so that makes it even worse.

You quoted a line of mine but didnt seem understand it.

I can put it another way: this is NOT the diablo immortal discussion forum. It’s the diablo ONE discussion forum.