Please Help me Blizzard or anyone

My battle .net account has not been working for almost a week…i recently got on vacation just to do it up on overwatch. The battle .net opened but didnt want to play the game. the game would just freeze. so i restarted the computer only to be met with not being able to open the battle .net app at all and a window pops up with a code…the halloween even just came out and i am eager to play it but i cant because i have no way of updating the game because i cant open blizzard .net…i tried uninstalling it and most of the time it wont even let me uninstall cuz the installer was experiencing some kind of error. after the 10th time trying it finally let me. i then tried to reinstall the app and was met with the same issue…please Blizzard…or anyone…help me.

Hey, Seraphim!

Which error are you getting? Post the code here and we can take a look.

Please collect a DXDIAG and post it here using the Preformatted Text button in the posting options. Just make sure the full DXDIAG contents are between the Preformatted Text tags.

I believe I’m having the same issue as you, did you ever get it resolved? thanks!

It doesn’t say what the error is nor does it give an error code. It just says that it has encountered an unexpected error. The only numbers it gives is a lengthy reference number which is randomly generated each time it fails to launch. As for the DxDiag I have done it and have it saved on my computer, I just don’t understand how to post it in here. If you could explain it a little better I can get it posted as soon as i can. Thank you.

Hey, Seraphim! Thanks for following up with us! I am seeing the crashes with the Error#1 for the Blizzard Application. There’s a few different ones, which we’ll want to check the DxDiag files for any errors that correlate with the crashes or the app itself.

There’s a few steps that can help with the Error#1 crashes.

If it continues, let’s gather a DxDiag file. Copy and paste the text file created and paste it between two ~~~ like so:

DxDiag Here