Please help i'm lost

Hey so out of know where i got perm banned. I’ve been temp ban for abusive chat yet after the two i fixed what i was doing and made sure to not be “toxic”. Even going to the part of saying good luck to fellow team. Yet, now im banned. I’m going to appeal because i know i changed and i know i have had team mates say in chat to report me just because i played bad and they say i “throw”. Any help on my appeal, i dont want to be that guy just i love this game and dont want my account to be closed forever.

Yet, you are here violating another term of service by trying to discuss an appeal publicly over the forums…

Also, this forum category is for Blizzard’s web APIs, try one of the links listed here: Posting Guidelines: READ FIRST

No i am not trying to violate anything. Like I said i want feedback because i know its an error. Just wanted help on why it may have occured and why people mass report with others to do this to someone. I did not mean to do anything wrong.

The best way to handle this is to use a web ticket to appeal the ban, if it was a Blizzard game they’ll likely have the chat history and everything will be fine.
Also, this kind of discussion should be handled in the game’s forum, not in this one. Each Blizzard game have its own forum listed on the launcher.

Ok sorry for the mix up. I’m just really down as This game means alot to me and to get banned perm hurts