Please have the decency to properly explain how COD:MW installation works

I honestly cannot believe how needlessly confusing and non-transparent the installation process is for this game. It feels like I’m constantly being misled every step of the following process;

STEP 1: Install Warzone. It’s free, I will give it a shot. BUT - 100 GB and 3 days later.
STEP 2: Play Warzone. Decide I want to play the core game. Click the green “upgrade available” button.
STEP 3: Purchase Modern Warfare. This should give me access to the locked game modes right? WRONG.
STEP 4: Installing 95+ GB more data…

OK but why? I just installed 100 GB and clicked the green “upgrade available” button. It’s not really an upgrade if I have to download an entirely new product is it? The upgrade button is really misleading because it implies the game had already been installed and simply required purchase to access.

Now, here’s the real issue I have: Upon my credit card transaction being approved, the previous installation of warzone (that is 100 GB and took my connection 3 days to finally download) is now “locked”. It can’t be launched, accessed or played in any way until the additional 95+GB of data, THAT ARE NOT REQUIRED BY THE WARZONE INSTALLATION, is complete.

First of all, this is ridiculous by any metric imaginable from a design perspective and secondly, not once during the entire process was I warned of any of this.

It’s one thing to have a horribly designed content delivery system, but have the decency to explain it all to the consumer BEFORE they make the purchase.

Update: woke up to the 2nd 100gb download being paused due to lack of hard drive space.

Your content delivery is broken. It should not have even allowed the purchase of the game, let alone the download, if the user doesn’t have enough disk space. So now my install is over 200GB and had to uninstall Every other game and still can’t play either MW or Warzone.

C’mon you guys. This is programming 101.

So now I’m screwed if they keep releasing 30GB patches. The system requirements state 170 GB. This is false. As of today, I will have downloaded over 200GB of data.

The battlenet launcher is not properly allocating disk space prior to the download of call of duty MW or Warzone.

Another thing to note during all of this:

Activision advertises that the forums are gone. Activision support knows nothing about
So we come here but all of duty related topics are mostly ignored because in the sticky it tells us to go to Activision. You see the dilemma?
The never ending run around. No one wants to help or take responsibility.

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Holy crap THANK YOU for explaining how to install it. I bought MW and wasn’t interested in Warzone, so I kept looking for… you know, the game titled “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” and couldn’t find it anywhere. They should AT LEAST mention “Hey user. This is an extension of Warzone. Warzone is required to play this game. Go download it first”.

You mean… like this: