Please focus your Launcher to be more positive an experience


Please focus your launcher on delivering a quality experience, and less a venue for advertising unrelated content.

What I want in a Launcher

  1. Quick & easy access to the games I want to play.
  2. Information immediately relevant to the games I want to play.
  3. Actions relevant to the games I want to play.

Negative interactions

I understand the Launcher is a prime method of delivering other information to users, but the unrelated, repetitive ads are annoying.

  • I’m willing to bear an ad about some unrelated game a time or two, but after that, it becomes annoying. It feels like nagging, and I gain a very negative bias at that point.
  • If I were interested in said unrelated game, it’s highly likely I’m already tuned in some other way. It gets a bit spammy hearing about something over and over.


  • Launcher remembering/tracking the content I access or ignore. This could lead to a better click-through rate, and a more streamlined experience.
  • Options to select the source or types of contents I see on the launcher. That way I can tailor the experience to my own needs.



You should switch to/check out the latest Battlenet beta, way less ads and cleaner UI.

You can switch in your settings

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