Please fix Warrior's Amination Mechanics!

I don’t know how or why this even slipped through the cracks. But this needs to be FIXED. For example: Execute is an “INSTANT” cast ability but when you put a point into Massacre it causes the animation of Execute to act more like a 1 sec cast. From when you click the ability to when the execute actually hits the target, sometimes you get into a “cast lock” and the ability never hits the target when they’re running around you! It’s happened so many times to me and its annoying and MOST IMPORTANTLY NOT FAIR. Another animation mechanic that needs to be fixed is Warbreaker this is also supposed to be an “Instant cast” ability but with the way the Animation Mechanics are done it more like a 1.2 sec cast! The only reason this one is getting by is because it has an 8yrd radius and chances of the target getting hit by it is greater and ppl overlook it. These animation mechanics need to be fixed so that it is a fair game play across the board! Because believe me, if a heavy DPS range class at 25+ yards away has an instant cast ready to go their cast is right at a click of a button!