Please fix the Diablo Immortal PC beta client

I am so tired of having to scan and repair/ uninstall - reinstall/ disconnect - reconnect controllers to try to play this game. From constant game loading freezes, to white screen of nothingness on game load. Constant game crashes and disconnects from I have seen tons of others complaining about these same issues, yet nothing even remotely close is listed in the known bugs yet these are the bugs that is making this game completely unplayable. These are the bugs that are driving players and paying customers away and going to end up destroying the player base.

I can play D3, WoW, FF14, and ESO on ultra graphics settings, with no issues at all, so it is not a pc issue on my end, it is your client having major stability issues.

From what I have been able to play so far I like the game and would love to keep playing, but I am not going to keep running through a list of fixes every couple hours of game play just to continue to play the game.

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Beta is beta for a reason. Expect bugs.

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Its a beta mobile port so par for course give it a few weeks or so and it should be better

im dont care dll file can you do sotheng tell them now im can play now