Please do something for PVP world

Dear Blizzard developers, I want to see how you play warrior in Arena?
I mean have you ever tried to play warrior in arena or you just buff casters every expansions? let me know how can i win an arena match for example when its a Shadow priest with a healer infront of me (a warrior)? you BUff all casters every expansions and my class going weak and weaker every expansions. i mean my class wears plate it suppose to be more tanky than leather or cloth with less mobility. but they are more tanky than my class with more mobility. Please fix this pvp world once and for all. I beg you to make a good balance here. We are suffering here and we cant do any until you fix this. thank you so much for listening to me and the community of world pvp and poor warriors.

Not even remotely related to the API.