Please develop a field of speculation pvp practice

I’m a user who enjoys Diablo Immortal.
Emotal has also been folding a lot of users over the past nine months, and many users are switching to new games.
Please take care not to leave the users.
Although you have integrated servers in many ways, there are still many difficulties such as battlefield matching and dungeon-in-one party search.
Also, I’m looking forward to a large-scale update on the 30th after 9 months.
I’m telling you because I have some suggestions and improvements. From now on, I will love and love Diablo Immortal and continue to play games.

  1. Please make a dumping ground where you can practice pvp for the battlefield.
  2. Please develop the system and make it.
    ->There are currently shadow wars, banishment rituals (tired and boring), so we need to actively develop a new siege system.
    History of the siege
  3. The entire clan can apply.
  4. Three Clans Can Be United
  5. The first castle has no owner, so you have to take the crown in the castle to become a lord. The crown-grabbing Clan becomes the lord.
  6. Destroy the first gate (select the mercenaries)
  7. If the second gate is broken, the tower must be destroyed step by step.
  8. The clan and the association, who became the lord of the castle, can obtain items and materials for crown shields, gate shields, and tower shields from the field in the castle, and must return them to the king. Other drops such as platinum, general jewelry, legendary jewelry, set items, and other materials (increased drop levels than regular fields, rare item drops, etc.)
  9. St. Clan members are buffed (attack, vitality, critical, defense, defense penetration, etc.)
  10. Once every two weeks, the day and time of the week (specified by averaging the time a lot of users are connected) are conducted.