Please check your internet connection....tap: OK

Please check your internet connection and #15:click:tap: OK (EODNL) (EONAS)

The error is on my PC - my phone (which I hate using for this game) works fine.

I have found 2 older posts, one suggested deleting the “patch” folder (Diablo Immortal>LocalData>Patch) - this got rid of #15:click:
I still have: Please check your internet connection and click OK (EODNL) (EONAS).
Next post suggested disabling IPV6 - did that, no change.
Updating files freezes at 72.73% (55.34%, 84.45%, 93.67%)

1 reboot (battle net and PC), 5 restarts and I now have: downloading 31.24 to 184.01MB of a 2281.42 MB patch…then the error. 4 more attempts overnight, same thing.


I am having the same problem, seems to happen every time there an update, even these minor ones.

None of the previous aforementioned strategies have worked for myself. I switched over to the android emulator bluestacks 5 which has a allowed me to play, although it is not nearly as smooth.

Hope someone has a solution that can work for the Battlenet launcher.

I was able to proceed by modifying the following file:
In this folder:
\Diablo Immortal\LocalData\Patch\download
In the file, locate “skipPatch”: false (open with notepad - probably on the last line) and change that to true. Save it, and relaunch the client.

OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER. It seemed to download one section at a time, and crash again…eventually the patch finally completed and the game launched.

Now the Rant truth:
It took 2 days - Blizzard has screwed up the PC part of this - but why not they made hundreds of MILLIONS on their “Mobile” game. They were laughed off the stage at “Blizzcon” for announcing the con job of putting Diablo on a mobile platform.

I will withhold purchases in Immortal until the next patch, if this happens again - I’m probably just going to uninstall it. D4 prepurchase is on hold, if a game making this kind of money gets crap support…what about a game that may profit less?

Too bad Blizzard doesn’t care about their customers - my PC now takes 8 - 10 min for Immortal to start, D3 less than 2 min. This is crappy coding and incompetence towards the PC platform.

Best of luck and lots of patience !!!