"Please check your internet connection and tap OK"

Has anyone else seen this error message? The launcher tries to update the game and when I hit Ok nothing happens. It also gives the error messages (EODNL) and (EONAS)


this is exactly what is happening to me

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Та же самая ошибка на ПК. Не могу понять как это исправить…

yeah I have the same issue

I managed to switch blizzard account

what did that do? did it solve the problem?

Same issue and I tried rebooting my computer and it’s still happening

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Did this solve the issue?!

Same thing just happened to me, closed and rebooted pc still nothing.

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Hi All,

It appears Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal update\authentication servers are down for Australian customers. I have been receiving “Please check your internet connection and tap OK” errors all morning from PC, with multiple different (working) web connections.

Please fix your servers here Blizzard!

it was working fine until later tonight I get the same log in error

I just got it to work by deleting Patch folder in my Diablo immortal game folder


This fixed it for me as well!

I can’t see a “Patch” folder in my Diablo Immortal game folder…

I am on a North America server and was getting this error for the first time today when I tried to log in. I did as someone suggested earlier in this thread and deleted my Patch folder in the Diablo Immortal folder on my PC. I then restarted the Bnet launcher and this fixed my issue. Good luck everyone.

Where is the “Patch” folder located?

Diablo Immortal > Local Data > Patch

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right click diablo immortal icon on desktop and open folder location.
If its not on your desktop click gear next to play in launcher and create desktop link

Program Files/Diablo Immortal/LocalData/Patch

This worked for me also, thank you Maluco. You da Real MVP