Please check your internet connection and tap ok message

I was playing perfectly fine since day 1. I log out for a few hours. Try to log back in and I am getting this message and it won’t go away. I have a dedicated fast internet line going to this computer. There is ALWAYS internet to this computer. There is no problem with the internet to this computer Plus every other internet program I run works fine Except your game. At first I put tons of money into your game. I am glad I stopped. This game is buggy as all get out and you apparently aren’t planning on fixing the bugs. Every bug that I have reported I still have issues with and these aren’t just my bugs. These are bugs that upon searching, plenty of other people have the exact same issues. I was enjoying the game like crazy. I LOVED this game and the people I play with have been awesome but to be absolutely honest your bugs and lack of content are extremely quickly driving me and my money away.

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