Please check internet connection and press ok!

I have not been able to log on. I cant even make it to the server log on before receiving this message. I deleted the game and downloaded it all over again. Still nothing.

The most common reason for that error message is security software blocking an application from connecting. Beyond that, some networks limit the types of communications on them to limit bandwidth, etc. (libraries, schools, etc.).

Checking your security, firewall, and router settings is probably the first place to start in troubleshooting.

Nothing on my computer changed from today as compared to yesterday. It is not my firewalls, antivirus or network settings. Not a single thing has changed except I logged into diablo and the patch would not start and gave me “please check your internet connection” meaning blizzard server not connecting.

So something is blocking the patch specifically. I think Blizzard uses P2P for patching which some networks have blocked. It was commonly used for file sharing going back to Limeware even. I would try a different network or phone tethering if you can.

I have found a fix for myself. It appears the IP protocol 6 is blocking you access to the patch servers.

Here is how I fixed mine.
Open Settings:
Select “Networking & Internet”
On left column select “Ethernet”
On next screen select “change adaptor options”
On next screen, select your adaptor
Right click and select change properties
look for “internet protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6)” and disable/uncheck it.
It apply for change to take effect.
Try running the game again.

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Well, that is certainly a network issue. Thanks for sharing what worked for you. Glad you are able to play again on PC.

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