Please change to the server settings before the announcement of Diablo2 Resurrected. US-WEST

Diablo2-Lod is connected to Battlenet from Japan, but recently the following phenomenon has occurred on the US-WEST server.

  1. When I connect, the version check is not completed and I cannot connect as it is.
  2. The phenomenon that the connection is suddenly cut off during game play and the login screen is returned.
  3. I haven’t had this symptom for the last few years, but it started to happen from the announcement of D2 Resacted.
  4. US-EAST, Asia and European servers can connect normally at login.

From the above, I presume that this phenomenon is occurring because the settings of the US-WEST server have been changed.
Please change to the server settings before the announcement of Diablo2 Resurrected.

There are people in Japan who will play when Diablo 2 Resurrected is released, so thank you for that.

By the way, I am writing it after converting it with translation software, so please forgive me for the lack of words.

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You, me, and many others are having this issue of getting stuck at “checking version.” I have it on Us west, but other realms are fine.

Blizzard is losing their credit and customers as this go on. A small problem and they can’t seem to handle it promply.

I wouldn’t buy resurrected if this continues.

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D2 Resurrected is played on new and different (“modern”) servers than D2 and D2/LOD (the “old” servers). If you have problems with D2 or D2/LOD, you have the same problem as many other people. Something happened to the “old” servers on USWest and it has not (yet) been fixed.

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I just posted about having the same problem, but I think I finally figured out a workaround. If you have a hotspot-enabled cell phone, try connecting your computer through that and logging in. Worked for me.

Yes it seems to be IP related

When I logged in earlier, I was able to log in with one shot, so the US-WEST server seems to be in good condition, but did you change the settings and fix it?