Please change the API Discussion forum description

We keep getting disgruntled randos wandering in here making threads complaining about something or other about Blizzard’s games, and not about the API. It’s frustrating to keep finding garbage about:

  • My thoughts about Black Ops Cold War
  • Overwatch on 2 computers?
  • Missed opportunity by NOT releasing FRESH TBC servers
  • Cold war. Des quebecois?
  • it’s a Quilboar meta

Here’s what I think happens:

  1. I’m upset/excited about issue X. I’ll go to Blizzard’s forums and vent/talk about it.
  2. I Google blizzard forums and land at, great.
  3. Okay what categories do we have here… hmm… “Desktop app,” no. “Mobile app,” no. “Mobile authenticator,” no.
  4. “API”? What is that? "API Discussion - for general discussion, questions…" Yes that must be it. ::click::
  5. Hey, a big blue “New Topic” button. ::click::

Here’s what I’d like to see happen:

  1. Change the API Discussion forum description from:
    “For general discussion, questions and feeback [sic] about the API, go here.”
    “Where third-party application developers discuss integrating Blizzard data into their mobile apps, websites, and more.” It’s more precise and should scare away people who don’t read pretty early.
  2. Move the “Battle.Net API” section under the “Classic Games” section. Ideally it would become the second-to-last section but after the games section would be an improvement.
  3. Add links to your WoW forums and other games onto your Blizzard forums page somewhere. I recognize this is not a quick fix and would have to go through rounds of design or whatever, but obviously your customers are looking for those game forums from your Blizzard forum and not finding them.

I’d also recommend explicitly stating that this is for software developers using the Blizzard Application Programming Interface (API). API is jargon that most folks can’t parse.

They do say that explicitly in the pinned READ FIRST post.

The Blizzard API Discussion forum is intended for 3rd party developers to discuss topics and provide feedback related to the public Blizzard Web APIs used to create fan sites and other experiences.

This forum is NOT intended for reporting bugs, issues, or feedback concerning Activision Blizzard game titles. Any such posts will be closed.

My point is that ‘API’ is a meaningless jargon term to non-developers. So Blizzard should explicitly define it in their description. Which they currently don’t do.

But we’ll always have issues with folks who don’t read carefully.