Please Buff Venture's Ultimate

I feel Venture’s kit is not strong enough in the current season 10 Mauga/Hog/Winston meta and is very map dependent thanks to the nerfs. I don’t expect them to be S tier but B tier at the least. Distance is really their weakness and while that may be the case, I still think their ultimate is still the weakest ultimate in the game, with only 4 excavator shots and they do not even guarantee a kill half the time. Burrowing in chokes and then drill dashing out seems to be the most predictable move so far in order to get some damage in but it still doesn’t feel enough. They used to be a better flank dps pre-launch and now since they can’t combo like they used to, older heroes like Genji and Tracer outpace them. I’m hoping this will eventually change, not just because pride month is coming up or anything, however it would be really cool if we can get nonbinary representation higher in the current meta.

Thank you for your time.

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