Please Blizzard, Please find a way to leave Activision

That toxic company has done nothing but completely ruin and degrade everything blizzard was, it was a bad decision back in 2008 and every single year since there has been nothing good, only controversy and deceit. and you 100% know it, with the Lay-offs to how company protocol is run now. from games being rushed to ideas being killed because your overlord doesn’t like the profit margins. Your company is in shambles and is held together by rust at this point. Mutiny do something, Get the hell out of dodge before everything is gone. PLEASE


This guy has a point. PLEASE. GTFO. Come on man. You are literally losing players by the hour. Eventually all of your vets will be gone and it will be left to the teens with attention spans that won’t deal with your BS.


I played WC3 in 2002 as a teenager and was really looking forward to getting into it again. I’d be willing to wait and see if this improves, please on’t give up on it. Can be redeemed and saved yet!


if only it was only about w3 reforged but everything else is terrible, the customer support, for example, doesn’t support anything, they use bots to copy/paste some bs without reading your ticket

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Their customer support is awfull, they are rude and don’t care about you.