Please allow me to use the diablo font

Hello, I am an app developer who loves Blizzard.

The Blizzard-related apps currently being developed and serviced by me.

Diablo 3 combat information room app [GuiDia] is in service,

This time, before the release of your company’s Diablo 4, I want to develop an additional app, so I ask a question.

  1. Can I use the fonts (kodia, diablo light, exocet…) used in previous Diablo games in my app?

Of course it is a free app. (There are advertising banners in the app)

I was afraid that there might be a copyright problem.

So I didn’t use it on purpose, but I’m curious because other apps similar to mine are already in use.

  1. If I can use it, is the Diablo 4 Kenless font acceptable? If allowed, is there any way to get the font?
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