Please add regional pricing for Thailand (and Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines)


I live in Thailand where everything is at least 4 times as less expensive than the US. However, Blizzard store still doesn’t realise the fact that our minimum wage is only $10 USD per day. Other game store like Steam and Origin all have regional pricing for countries around the world including Thailand. However, the store still havn’t get a Thailand regional pricing yet, not even its own currency.
This stand true for many other South East Asia nation such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. So please, if you want your game, and other Activision game such as Call of Duty (which previously is on Steam) games to sell more, includes more regional pricing like other platfroms.

Hope that developers and management team will consider this feeback.



I think it’s too expensive for thai people.


I Agree Please ok ok

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If not could you at least take an action similar to the Epic Games Store since they reduce prices for accounts in areas such as Indonesia (where I am), Philippines, etc, but still using USD as the currency

I just want to buy the new COD but its too expensive here in Vietnam :frowning: