Please Add Different Authentication Options

Another Cricket Wireless customer here. I’ve played dozens of hours of OW1 and was happy to hear that my skins would transfer and was really looking forward to playing the PvE in OW2 when it comes out. Please allow the use of Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator or change what phone numbers can be used to authenticate with your current system. Or please share the data and predictions that guided the policy. Is it really the case that not allowing the non-contract numbers will net Blizzard more money? I would imagine the customers lost/not gained because they can’t authenticate would out weigh the number of players that would really stop paying for cosmetics because of hackers/people abusing authentication methods.

ADDENDUM: I’ve justified the purchase of in-game currencies to myself before because I had a little extra to spend. I would not have spent as much on videogames as I have, if I had to spend another $100/yr on phone bills. I’ve used Cricket Wireless because they were a cheap option and those savings allowed me to spend more on different tech stuff like games. Losing OW1 servers sucks, but I had been under the impression I could continue to play with the stuff I’d unlocked for no additional cost in OW2, that is no longer the case, because I would have to spend more on my phone bill just to be able to play OW2 now. That increase in cost is not worth it to me. Please reconsider the 2FA methods that are accepted.


Also potentially any hacker or smurf that has a Post-Paid phone service like Verizon or AT&T can literally go online and in the matter of minutes with a few button clicks can change their phone numbers. That is how easy it is to bypass that SMS bullcrap.

Meanwhile people like us who use Cricket , Metro PC, and other family plans and pre-paid phones cannot even get access to services they deserve. Many of us have had Blizzard accounts older then 10 years and have only ever used the 1 account are now being locked out.

Another thing I can attest to switching from Verizon to Cricket Wireless 4 years ago has saved me an hefty amount of money, and to be honest the level in quality of service is not much different. Cricket can hang with the Big Boyz. Literally if I had the same plan on Verizon as I do for Cricket it would literally cost me double-triple the amount for a service I can’t find any reason to pay for the extra amount.


I just spent an hour waiting behind 800 people in queue to find out i needed to restart the client in order to enable HDR, when I opened the client again I’m behind 2000 people now. I just decided to uninstall. I’m sure I’ll be used as the “20 million people logged in to play Overwatch during the opening 24 hours!” marketing but that’s all they’re getting from me; not even going to bother to find out if Boost Mobile is supported for playing a videogame. What a dumpsterfire of a company