PlayStore says app was developed for older Android

GM Teedwor told me to report this as a bug after contacting support in a ticket:

When I try to download the Authenticator App on my phone, PlayStore hides the download/install button and gives me a message in red letters saying the App was developed for an older version of Android.

Info: Android 12, moto g71 5G
I can add more info if needed.

So far, I can’t donwload/install the authenticator on my phone.

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Same here, got the same problem on my Oppo…, can’t use the authenticator on my account because of this

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Any word on when/if/how I’ll be able to install the authenticator thing?
I want to avoid having a problem with my account like what just happened, but no authenticator is available for me… ):

Same. There is a stream of issues from Blizzard auth app, numerous accounts in my house, and all get this stupid error, requiring authenticator code, but we dont have an authenticator!!! Can’t remove it from account because support page directs you to enter auth app code to continue! WTH?? We have no authenticators!!!