Pink Mercy mythic skin

To satisfy everyone who did and did not get the pink mercy skin, who want and don’t want it to come back, blizzard please just make a pink variant for mercy’s mythic it wouldn’t be the same design as the original pink mercy skin at all, but I feel this would help solve this issue, I personally didn’t get the skin because I didn’t play when it came out which is a bummer. I know I won’t be able to get it and that’s fine I would still be very satisfied with some sort of light pink variant for her mythic skin, and I feel many other new mercy mains or even people who aren’t as new as to the game but still didn’t get a chance to get the skin when it came out, would love a pink variant for the mythic mercy skin. Meaning the people who originally donated and got the skin would still have their rare skin but for the people who didn’t/couldn’t they could have another different pink skin through the battle pass, that also helps with the people who wouldn’t want the pink mercy skin to return Bc the pink would be a variant giving them different colors to choose from, besides a mythic skin should be something that everyone who mains the character will absolutely love and I think giving a pink variant to that will Hopefully satisfying everyone. that is all.

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