Physical Authenticar Question

During Cataclysm when the Physical Authenticator’s were being sold I had bought one. recently I have tried to use it but there are no numbers appearing.

Does this mean that the Battery is dead?

IF so is there a way that I can replace the battery myself?

IF its not the battery does it mean that it just doesnt work any more?

If no numbers appear when you press the button then yes, it is dead. The Authenticator version was the DigiPass Go 6 which was rated for 7 years with average use.

The device is tamper proof so if you open it to even try to replace a battery you destroy it.

If you need to remove it from your Bnet account you can put in a ticket with ID and they will remove it for you. Then you can replace it with the Mobile Auth for free. Just remember to write down the restore code and serial number so if you ever need to put your software app on a diff device you can clone your exact one that is linked to your account.

I know this is an old post, but my DIII authenticator is finally showing 5% battery life. Can I get a new one issued or is it mobile or nothing at this point?