Phone number requirement issues

Why in the world do they have such harsh requirements for this. I’ve had the same phone number for over 15 years and for whatever reason the system doesn’t want to accept it. I’m not going out and getting a new number just to play some stupid game. I’ve transferred this number through multiple different carriers and because at some point I might have been on a carrier you don’t like you won’t accept my number?

I think some people at Blizzard need to rethink their moronic decisions.

I have the same issue. I contacted their tech support. I followed all possible problems listed, and even sent them a copy of my phone bill to prove it was not prepaid, or VOIP, which they asked for, and since then I have received no response. I have tried 3 times after they asked for this info and have been ignored completely. Stupid requirement, and horrible tech support.

Hey BouncyKnight,

Ticket times are extremely high right now for everyone. As long as you have a ticket number on your main submission, then you are all set.

Opening additional tickets for the same issue is only exacerbating the increased wait times.