Phone Number Issues with Warzone Account

I have two accounts with Blizzard.

The first is from 2008 and I used it to play World of Warcraft. I have never once played Warzone with it.

The second is from more recently and I have only ever played Warzone with it.

My phone number was previously associated with the first account, but I removed it from there and added to my second account so that I can play Warzone. However, when I open up Warzone, it tells me I can’t use that number because it’s associated with another account.

What the hell am I supposed to do about this? I’ve submitted two tickets and Blizzard, being Blizzard, has done nothing.

when did you submit the tickets ? currently, the ticket response time is approx. 2 weeks or more.

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Boubou is right. If you got a ticket number then your ticket is in. The wait times are around 2 weeks right now. It is due to multiple game releases and a huge ticket backlog.

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The only way i got around this was to D/L the game from Steam. I lost My COD points for now but my name and my friends list is all there. I might lose my progress if they ever fix my phone issue but at least i can play now. And if they never fix it… No issue I will just stay on steam to load the game.

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