Personal Wishlist

I played Diablo since 2000 and this is my wishlist.
I wish Blizzard will set all runes usable only at level 70. That will make all the rare, set, and unique items usable and create more diversity, instead of the cookie-cutter characters we now have. Also will make the gameplay a much better experience.
Yes, I get that Blizz does not want to upset their fanboys( will not name them) but why cater for a handful of players? Sorceress is punished with her weakness because she has teleport- but all other characters get teleport with Enigma… Paladin has a conviction aura that ignores defenses, yet Sorceress’s cold mastery skill was again nerfed (after being fixed) because the fanboys complained. Wish those fanboys get a real job instead. I play a Sorceress, and in hell mode, everything is cold and fire immune. So I respect as lightning and guess what…? why the stupid enemy immunes that cannot be broken? Every few monsters are lightning immune too. So all I can do is run away- so why even have monsters that cannot be defeated? That is not game difficulty, that is plain stupid. Rather give monsters more health, more hit power, and make them faster instead of crazy unbreakable immunes. The game is meant to be fun and has some degree of difficulty that scales- not frustrating with unkillable monsters because of stupid immunes. I love the actual gameplay, I don’t like grinding for gear. Why? because the OP gear is only usable after the game is complete(most OP gear is usable only after level 60) What’s the use of prancing around with the best gear but the game is complete? I get that lots of players love the grind, kudos to them.
I would like to see the playing field leveled, let every character be unique, no skill acquired through gear (Enigmas, etc)that give a character another character’s skill…Yes, a lot of fanboys are going to flame me now :slight_smile: But all I can do is wish…