Permed chars disappeared. Recently refreshed

I had a few chars disappear suddenly on an account with all permed chars. The last time I logged on to those chars was about 4-5 weeks ago (am more active on ladder currently), so I know it is not just normal expiration. This was on USEast non-ladder. I was told to make a post on the forums by a GM so here goes

“Now the members of the Classic development team may have additional tools to investigate further so you are welcome to post your issue on the classic forums to see if anything else can be done, just keep in mind what I mentioned at the beginning that this is a very old system and functions are limited.”

Basically I logged on to my account yesterday and saw that a bunch of chars were missing, and then I went and re-created the chars with the same names just to check with my notepad (because I use notepad to take note of which chars certain items are on) which were the chars that had disappeared just to check what items had gone missing. But of course if the tech support team over here can restore it, would be much appreciated. I don’t need those chars I created yesterday, just want the chars I had before. Can the tech support really fix this type of sh*t? I had like a high stat anni and some other good stuff on those chars


there has been quite a few players this has happened to including myself if i bring up the issue again with blizzard they have threatened to ban me so ive lost 10 years of gozu gear and chars

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I have exactly the same problem on EU Softcore No-Ladder.
Several permed and very old chars just vanished completely.
i tried to refresh the character list by creating and deleting a random new char, but that didnt help.
How do i get my toons back and why were they deleted in the first place ?!

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